Pocket Purge – 2.12.14

Pocket Purge – 2.12.14
  • The World in 2014: selected predictions relevant for the well-being of children and UNICEF (KM on a dollar a day)
  • Interrupted Maps (Jason Davies)
  • The Atlas of Economic Complexity
  • Visualization Tools (Visualising Information for Advocacy)
  • Landsat 8 Celebrates First Year of Success (NASA) (Photos on Flickr)
  • Water Hero: Why tweeting from the riverbank front line works (Dan Slee)
  • 7 Billion World – displays 7 billion people together on a single webpage. Developed by Worldometers – which themselves were originally posted in the good year of 2005 -, the web page itself is generated through some small programming code, yet is claimed to be 1 mile (1.6km) high and 800 feet (250m) wide, which is both horizontally and vertically scrollable.
  • Why global water shortages pose threat of terror and war (Guardian)   “I think the biggest worry today is sub-national conflicts – conflicts between farmers and cities, between ethnic groups, between pastoralists and farmers in Africa, between upstream users and downstream users on the same river…We have more tools at the international level to resolve disputes between nations. We have diplomats. We have treaties. We have international organisations that reduce the risk that India and Pakistan will go to war over water but we have far fewer tools at the sub-national level.”
  • What Machines Can’t Do (David Brooks)
  • The Technium – A Conversation with Kevin Kelly (Edge)

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