Pocket Purge – 2.9.14

Pocket Purge – 2.9.14
  • Making It – Evgeny Morozov (The New Yorker)
  • Global Emergency Overview (website & app): The Global Overview is a weekly update that provides a snapshot of current humanitarian priorities and recent events. The Global Overview collates information from a wide range of sources, including Reliefweb and media sources, and displays this information in a manner that allows for quick comparison of different humanitarian crises. The primary objective of the Global Overview is to rapidly inform humanitarian decision makers by presenting a summary of major humanitarian crises, both recent and protracted. (The Assessment Capacities Project, ACAPS)
  • World Bank eyes $1 billion African resource mapping fund in July (Reuters)
  • Using Quadcopters for Photogrammetry (Makezine)
  • World Economic Forum Global Risks Report (pdf)
  • Where People Run (FlowingData)
  • Does journalism have a future? (Nicholas Lemann)
  • Brazil’s open data and open source satellite monitoring system dramatically reduces illegal deforestation in the Amazon (Geoff Zeiss)
  • Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) satellite to usher in a new era of weather observation (gizmag)
  • Imagery to the Crowd: Josh Campbell from the Humanitarian Information Unit at the US Department of State, discusses building a framework to support sharing high-resolution satellite imagery with the volunteer technical community, for improved disaster response and development projects:

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